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Is your accountant purposely holding your company back when it comes to automation?

After speaking to many accountants, I am amazed by the percentage who are not concerned about automation.

Many seem to believe that although much of their current duties will be automated, their role will not disappear but simply transform. And what type of transformation will this be? Well, many believe that they will keep the accountant title and transform their current roles into roles that already exist, such as business intelligence analysts roles. Granted some of the duties are similar and the skills are transferable so the transition would be smooth, but it still stands that these are different roles.

Truth be told is that most are not going to automate themselves out of a role. Which explains why most accountants who work in-house do not take full advantage of their current ERP systems. And sluggish to implement automation within their company that could not only save the company time but also money.

So what should companies look out for when evaluating how efficient their accountants are?

There are a number of things companies should look out for but we believe the most important one is looking at how efficient they manage the companies overheads and business processes. Are they quick to acknowledge and implement new processes or maybe they do not even notify you of the latest trends? Do they suggest ways of reducing overheads, or have they accepted the current level?

At we are transparent about the changes companies should implement. We provide business intelligence and accounting services to companies and as we are external professionals, there is no conflict of interest which means we always strive to make the best decisions for your company.

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