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The finance team is an essential part of a successful company but the right team does not have to be based in-house. In fact outsourcing may be more beneficial to your company, let us explain how.

1. Reduce overhead costs

In the UK besides employee salaries, companies also have to pay national insurance and pension contributions. Outsourcing not only allows you to save on these costs but also the cost of training new staff, paying for equipment such as laptops and mobiles, and staff benefit packages.

2. Time Zone Advantage

Outsourcing allows you to get tasks completed even when the office is closed. This means you can request a task at the end of the day and have it delivered to you first thing in the morning.

3. Access to trained staff

You no longer have to deal with recruiters and their fees nor training new staff. Naomi Robins staff are experienced and will provide an efficient service straight away.

4. Better employee utilisation

Did you know that the majority of tasks your finance team does takes place at month end? This means that for at least two weeks every month your finance team have a lot of spare time on their hands. By outsourcing certain responsibilities you can ensure that your staff are fully utilised throughout the month.

5. Increased flexibility

As mentioned in the previous post, your finance team's workload varies throughout the month. By outsourcing you can hire staff during the busy periods, reduce staff during the quieter periods and you don't have to worry about staff being unavailable.

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